Toggo Ultrarock Marries Pop Rock & Anime in Canonball

Los Angeles is full of weird stories and fascinating characters. One of the oddest stories belongs to artist Toggo, original member of the band, Scared of Girls.

Toggo put in the effort, made a name for himself, was featured in all sorts of media, then vanished without a trace. If you want that story, you’ll need to wait for Toggo’s literary work, titled “Rock n Roll Virus,” which has yet to be published.

Toggo, being a single dad in Minnesota for nearly a decade, used American entrepreneurial spirit to start a new musical project, overhauling his sound in the process. It was worth the risk, as Deepfrost, a Norwegian production company, caught wind of the American pop rocker.

The newfound alliance between Toggo and Deepfrost formed Toggo Ultrarock, a super bubbly take on modern rock, combining elements of electronic dance music and radio friendly riffs.

Toggo Ultrarock’s “Cannonball” displays anime inspired imagery throughout a colorful music video. Animation fans will be pleased.

A quick look at the comments section for “Cannonball” shows complete fan adoration for Toggo. The jaded may tune their antennae in an opposite direction, but I say give it a chance. There’s enough punch to keep rock listeners moving their heads, while still friendly enough to attract a diverse audience. At the very least, Toggo Ultrarock is the epitome of dedicated entrepreneurship, and should be showered with congratulatory applause.

Oh, and Toggo is one of the only rockers around willing to cover Adele.

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Daniel Mihailescu