The Long Dark Road To New Black Metal

Welcome The Long Dark Road, a hardcore rock band influenced by black metal and punk rock bands. Listeners may be familiar with punk rock, but what about the former?

Black Metal started in Europe during the 1980s as an extreme alternative to Christianity. It resulted in years of violence and church burning. Time passed, and people learned to resent the genre.

In the 1990s, Christian hardcore bands adopted the dark melodic styles of black metal, rebadging it as “unblack metal” or “Christian black metal.” Some see it as splintered, while others accept the evolution, but either way fans of black metal are unwilling to see the ilk die.

The Long Dark Road’s EP Cover

In 2016, after being down and out, independent musician Jeremy Cavan set out to create a hard rock band rooted in black metal and punk.

Jeremy was reluctant to conform to black metal entirely, citing the genre’s screaming “…tends to destroy all other perceivable emotions other than anger,” a rather progressive approach to an aging musical scene.

Comprising of two permanent members, Jeremy Cavan and his brother Rufus Cavan, The Long Dark Road hones in on dark melodic themes capriciously altering keys and modifying time signatures. The Long Dark Road’s eponymous debut album released on April 8th 2017, exhibiting Jeremy’s vision for a moonlit departure from mainstream rock.

Jeremy and his bandmates

The band gladly speaks of public affairs in lyric, chauffeured by lugubrious guitar strains. The pace changes throughout the record, but the overall tone lingers. It doesn’t take multiple listens to hear what’s really going on, something imitators arguably fail at doing, as pointed out by Jeremy Cavan himself.

True to the era the genre began in, The Long Dark Road’s debut album was recorded in analog, perfect for vinyl collectors looking to compare sonic differences with the fairly priced digital version available by clicking here. The album is also available in the embedded player below.

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Daniel Mihailescu