Velvet Winter’s Crystal Heart Is Heating Up

“Crystal Heart” by Velvet Winter (Talon Majors) recently debuted online, attached to a narrative driven music video. As of publishing, “Crystal Heart” has garnered over 160,000 views.

Velvet Winter’s interesting musical history helps shape, to some degree, the “Crystal Heart” music video. From starting out as a saxophonist to evolving into a percussionist, Velvet Winter’s well rounded sonic compression outwits traditional Vevo stars.

Inspired to record music after a near fatal health related issue in 2015, Talon recorded a 3 song ep, eventually creating project Velvet Winter, an inspiring and magical indie rock journey where Talon owns the vocals.

The well produced launch video for “Crystal Heart” isn’t a typical b-roll fest. Each frame is individually adjusted, flattering coinciding lyrics. Words don’t find themselves clashing and are easy to follow, providing a relatively unmistakable core message.

Check out how the awesome location production artistically transforms from coarse and dusky to pitch-black fieriness.

If you haven’t, watch the video above then read the quote below.

“I truly believe everyone can find the strength to stand on their own and go after what they want. If you live in someone’s shadow you’ll always be behind your dream.” – Talon Majors aka Velvet Winter.

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