HundredMillionThousand Debut Album

Alright people, I’m irked. HundredMillionThousand only has 62 followers on Soundcloud as of publishing this. This artist is criminally underrated.

HundredMillionThousand, HMT for short, dropped a fire track titled “Yalda” from his suspenseful debut album called lp1. Produced in what sounds to have been a clean environment with the best noise-free preamps money could afford, “Yalda” outperforms hundreds of traditionally western EDM and hip hop songs that briefly make appearances on clear channel stations Friday nights.

You know the kind, right? The songs that sadly play when everyone is already at the club or in bed.

In other words, no one hears ’em.

HMT photographed by Victoria Diaz

I’m always looking for new music and switching genres. I listen to every genre imaginable, and yea, that includes a bit of country and folk too.

After some time, for one reason or another, I’ll run into copycats in any genre, and everything begins to sound the same. Jazz musicians, you’re guilty as charged just like the rest of these cats!

While I gorge myself musically, a few genres earn my preference consistently, and one of them is Electronic Dance Music. Don’t scoff, we all have guilty pleasures, and I’m guilty as charged.

HMT, legally known as Noel Jon, is a music producer of Persian and Filipino ancestry. He seems to consider himself TripHop, at least on Soundcloud. When I played his addictive tracks on studio grade headphones, I couldn’t stop. How could I? I was listening to freshly molded unblemished EDM, with a soft spot for heart stopping hip hop.

HMT Yalda Art

“Yalda,” in particular, is a mix of intimidating drum beats and moody pads. I can’t help but to think if given enough presence on clear channel, listeners would beg for more, if only because it’s “new” but familiar. There’s enough equilibrium to keep many attached while also tossing jabs of spontaneity.

HMT has a style, and it’s increasingly clear listening to his track list. Nonstop maneuvers folded around layered melodies kept me alert at all times. Each song is distinctly unique while managing to stamp uniform identity on each one. There’s no misinterpretation here, an HMT song is an HMT song.

Even when collaborating with others, you can simply hear who’s running the show. Watch and listen for yourself.

I don’t like comparing artists, because that’s unfair, but let’s face it, we all do it all the time. For me, it’s subconscious.

After listening to as much HMT as possible, I say Kid Cudi is the closest thing I’ve come across in recent times, but even Cudi and his producers show they’re unwilling to tread that extra step by merging genres and erasing lines of tonal confinement. HMT is thrilled to perform hybrid material with world-wide influence sans visible anxiety, delivering on note with percussive flair in ways uncommon to others.

HMT’s latest album titled lp1

Looking for an artist that shakes things up?

HMT does it, and does it with existential aura, coupled with almost tribal rhythm, shepherding listeners through breathtaking atmospherics unheard elsewhere. “Yalda” in particular maintains an understanding on how the contemporary human ear operates, gently demanding listeners to clear their minds and expose themselves to imaginative dialects.

HMT might not open your mind’s eye, but that’s not the mission. Instead, be open to progressiveness in a genre that formerly challenged itself at every Electric Daisy Carnival.

Spotify users click here for full track listing of HMT’s latest album, lp1. lp1 is also available on Apple Music and limited edition vinyl. For more HMT, click and bookmark everything below.

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Daniel Mihailescu