Omiqron6 Introduces World To A New Kind of Lighting

No Futurama fans, this isn’t some new album created by Matt Groenig and co. This is an album straight out of Mexico by emerging artist Omiqron6, titled A New Kind of Lighting.

Omiqron6 is different for most folks. If you’re a gamer, you’re going to understand the music. Most of these songs have comparable motifs to early Sega Genesis and Sony Playstation titles. A few that jump to mind are Streets of Rage 2 and Final Fantasy 7, respectively. It’s those darn synth pads and midi units!

The entry track titled “Om is On” leads into bizarre experimental soundscapes, or at least that’s what Omiqron6 wants us to think. I know we can drop this fascinating mix of songs into several genres. It fits somewhere between ambient and world.

Moments throughout A New Kind of Lightning, you can hear what I might only describe as intentional human error fighting the invisible metronome.

A New Kind of Lighting Album Cover

First, Omiqron6 plays a beat in a defined time signature. Seconds later, without preparation, we’re thrown simple but galloping synth leads. Something is wrong however. The timing sounds off, but only for a moment before the music quickly refastens itself back into the click track disguised by a wide low end thump.

Whether intentionally inserted to keep our attention in an odd play at logic or an accidental slip of the human hand, I’m confident Omiqron6 left these minor hiccups in tact to remind us of something greater than ourselves or as a metaphor for the beauty of human imperfection. Maybe I’m entirely wrong, but that’s how I chose to cope with the oddities of this digital soundtrack.

I suggest throwing on a decent pair of headphones to listen to A New Kind of Lighting in order to ingest background intricacies even mid-tier off-the-shelf speakers won’t allow. Get comfortable, close your eyes, and let Omiqron6 take you on a meditative journey. Don’t be alarmed when things get aggressive, because the motion of the tides hidden away in each sound always make sure to bring you back to level, where everything is right again.

Enough of me trying to explain something you should experience on your own. Click here to listen to the first track or use the embedded player below.

Listen to more tracks by clicking here.

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