[#NotYourStraightMan] Let’s Get Drunk and Talk The Button

Mikey and Dex are joined by Coach from Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Wrasslin’ to drink ALL the booze and talk a ton of subjects including, but not limited to, Spider-man & the X-men and other old video games like Baseball Simulator 1000 and Mutant League Football, how much they miss the 90s, All That, Why Spongebob is actually an adult show, Stan Lee is a raunchy old man, TGIF’s greatest show ever: Teen Angel, celebrity Trump supporters and why Tim Allen has it harder than jews in wwII, Mikey’s thoughts after finally finishing Iron Fist, the new grim and gritty Archie Tv show Riverdale, taking a trip to the WWE offices in Hartford Connecticut, and the reason for the season DC’s The Button mini-event.

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