Saint Blasphemer’s Theotokos Brings Meaning To Music

UPDATE 5/23/2017: This article has been edited after it was fact checked that Theotokos is not Saint Blasphemer’s first album. Simon Templar is the band’s first EP. My opinions on the band and their music are well reflected and remain unchanged.


Growing with an album was once art in itself. Such art is abandoned in preference to over produced studio recordings.

The above sentiment compliments the album I’ve recently had the pleasure to explore.

Theotokos is Saint Blasphemer’s second EP. Five statement songs will have listeners imagining what it’s like going from garage to studio in under an hour. The auditory variance doesn’t result in a negative listening experience. Instead, the album plays endearingly warmhearted, contrary to its grungy undertones.

Members/Instruments: Thomas Monroe – Vocals, John Castellon – Guitar, Steve Shell – Bass, Steve Ybarra – Drums

Saint Blasphemer started performing live in February 2016. They released their first EP Simon Templar a short while thereafter in October 2016 and their second EP, Theotokos, April 2017. Most new bands don’t last through the earliest practice phases.

Listeners will hear the band’s progression as recording artists in a short span of time. Even if the songs weren’t recorded in order, the delicate track selection was respectfully recognized. Hats off fellas.

Theotokos is an album not worth spoiling, lyrically speaking. Doing so may actually take the wind out of the record’s sails. Read on for perspective.

Saint Blasphemer’s newest EP deals with certain loss, internal human obsessions, and conflicts that arise from mistreating the human body. In a musical world constantly drowning from liquor and pill party anthems, these rockers challenge all norms in Theotokos with gut-wrenching realities sung with vexed frustration. Post-grunge instrumentals accompanying the agitated vocals are appropriate and mandatory, delivering auditors one tight package worth hearing a couple times over.

Saint Blasphemer performing live

You can stream the entire album in full by clicking here or play it below with the embedded Bandcamp player. If you like what you hear, be sure to support the band on Bandcamp for your constant listening pleasure. Besides, it’s a nice gesture considering their music is free!

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Daniel Mihailescu