Xombie’s “Might As Well” Returns Genre To Former Glory

Craving some of that now old school rap-core stuff that we all listened to in the late 90s and mid-2000s? Oh, don’t lie, you totally downloaded hours of that breakthrough genre off of Napster (the legal one, of course!)

Well then, you might as well go and have a listen to Xombie’s slamming single, “Might As Well” off of their soon to be released album, Super Cell.

The single, available by clicking here, is reminiscent of everything we loved about the hard thumping bass grooves, crunchy riffs, and snare cracking musicians of just a few years ago. For a while, bands like Xombie seemed to be dropping off the face of the Earth, but with a track as aggressive and catchy as “Might As Well,” my hope has been almost fully restored that the power of the internet will assist in quenching desires for music like this all over again. Xombie, if you’re reading this, please keep it up.

Members/Instruments: Atom Crews/Adam Cruz (Lead Vocals), Roy Galvan (Guitar/Vocals), “Cadillac” Mike Martabano (Bass), Eric Castillo (Drums/Vocals)

Rap-core and sub-hardcore sounds are making a comeback because of the likes of Xombie, even if it is bit-by-bit. I’m not abandoning every other genre I listen to, but it’s a delight knowing a band is producing music that was fading into obscurity, while still somehow managing to insert unique twists within.

So go listen to your EDM, soft pop, and contemporary folk songs if you must. When you need a break, you know where to find Xombie.

Xombie’s Super Cell, produced by Eric Castillo & John Naclerio at Nada Recording, releases June 2nd, 2017. You can find the single “Might As Well,” from their upcoming album Super Cell embedded below.


Already addicted? Check out the video below which played on MTV-U in 2012.

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