Darts In Lovers’ Eyes

darts in lovers' eyes

An Original Piece By:

Davel F. Hamue

“Darts In Lovers’ Eyes” is the name of the image you see above (see the full version below), created by Davel, one of the stars of our newest podcast, “Hello, Creeps!” We’ve wanted to showcase original art here on Nerdopotamus for some time, and we’re beyond thrilled to start with this piece.

The inspiration for it came from time the artist spent listening to conspiracy theories and supernatural stories.¬†They sort of seeped into his consciousness.¬†There’s also the David Bowie element. The title, “Darts In Lovers’ Eyes,” comes from Bowie’s, “Station to Station” (an album steeped in the occult and made in ten days with the help of a lot of cocaine).

darts in lovers' eyes
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