red scare

Our friends over at Narrow Bridge Films are currently in production on a film called, “Yellow Scare,” which you can see a trailer for if you click HERE. It’s a sequel to “Red Scare,” the film you see linked below. Here’s the plot, cast. and crew, all via Narrow Bridge’s website:

In the terrifying tempestuous time of the Cold War, the evil Vlad Sinisterski is about to release his most fiendish weapon yet: The Zombie!!! All that stands in his way is the bold and bumbling Rex Steel!

Written By: Sam Platizky

Directed By: William Dautrick Jr.

Director of Photography: Sean Feuer

Production and Post Production Audio: Joey Mosca

Gaffer: Tony Pineiro

Music by: Dan Granda

Starring: Sam Platizky; Christina Garced; Isaac Platizky; Megan Bussiere; Dan Gregory; Loarina Gonzalez; Robert Lise; Aaron Visco; Mitchell Vargas; Joey Mosca; Christopher Lucas; Blake Zawadzki; Jared Visco; Michael McCord;Jeramie Argueta, Jenna Kildosher; Nicole Villarosa, Scarlett Santiago, Jessica Fernandez-Cruz, Cassandra King, Eric Parkin, John Trigonis, Jack Torres, Tony Pineiro, Brittany Myra Smith, William R. Farley, Walter Free, Steven Defendini, Andrew Danish, Ramy Shedid, Adam Lucas, Sean Lucas, and William Dautrick Jr.

If you enjoy “Red Scare,” you can click HERE to buy it on Amazon with deleted scenes and extras. Or, if you really enjoy it, you can click HERE and donate to the fundraising campaign for the sequel. They got through the hard part. Now they’re dealing with all sorts of expensive post-production costs. Every little bit will help.

Anyway, without further ado, enjoy “Red Scare.”

Red Scare from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.