ORIGINAL FEATURE FILM: “Blaming George Romero”

blaming george romero, original feature film

Sam David and his friends are so unhappy with their lives that they would prefer to live in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. When it looks like they are about to get their wish, these four friends discover that there is a lot more to living that just surviving.

“Blaming George Romero” was the first feature length film produced by our friends over at Narrow Bridge Films. It was an Official Selection at the 2011 Golden Door International Film Festival and the 2011 Bergenfield Film Festival. You can purchase it on Amazon with extra features here: Buy BGR on Amazon!

Written by: Sam Platizky

Directed by: Robert Lise

Director of Photography: Raul Garcia

Production & Post Production Sound: Joey Mosca

Music By: Megan Zervoulis

Additional Music by: Max Arias & Joseph Timpanaro

Starring: Sam Platizky; Dan Gregory; Loarina Gonzalez; Robert Lise; Ramy Shedid; Isaac Platizky; Adria Firestone; Christina Garced; Anderson Johnson; Christopher Lucas; John Trigonis; Adam Lucas; Myron Covington; Wanda Madleigh; Michael McCord; Michael Cutruff.