The Pumpkin Pimp and More: A Digital Art Gallery by Christopher Alarcoñ

This is our second stab at showcasing original art here on Nerdopotamus. The first came when “Hello, Creeps” cast member Davel F. Hamue allowed us to share his piece, “Darts In Lovers’ Eyes.” Today we have a cast member from “That’s Cool For You,” another one of the dope podcasts on THE CATHULU PODCAST NETWORK.

As you can see from the title above, his name is Christopher Alarcoñ and he brought all of the following fly ass pieces to life:

NOTE: You can click on any of the pieces below to see them in their full size.


(Click to enlarge)

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So pimp...
So pimp…

If you dug any of this, stick around. It’s not the last time Chris will be dropping his visual hot fire on us.