Hello, Creeps! Episode 25: That Fredo…So Hot Right Now

GOOD BROTHER FREDO, WE KNEW YOU’D COME. Fre broke out of his 4th dimension prison and returned with some true BROKEN BRILLIANCE. HAHAHAHA, WONDERFUL! “The Prince of Garbage” Davel gives us some updates on the hunt for former Tennessee teacher Tad Cummings and the 15 year old student he ran away with and the Chinese equivalent of Uber where you can pay someone to go to jail for you. Coral changes it up and brings some real darkness with a story of a 95 year old man that attempted to beat his wife to death. Do you think you know anything about Harry Potter? You don’t know shit yet. Fredo comes in hot with coverage of a man that claims J.K. Rowling made millions off true tales of HIS adventures! We believe him and you should, too! Maybe? It doesn’t matter. None of this matters. GLAD TO BE BACK!