SHUDDER BUGS – EP 14: We’re Raising Hell! Hallelujah! – We’re Raising Hell! Hail Satan!

Hellraiser (1987)

Where do I even begin with this episode… Let’s be honest, this was very nearly a lost episode. The recording issues were a bit much, so please forgive the sound!

In this episode we watch horror classic, Hellraiser!” We get… I can’t even describe the level of drunk. We get so drunk that during the review, we’ve already forgotten chunks of the movie. If anything though, the drunk level amps up the hilarity! We get heated, we talk about too many personal things, we get fully trashy level drunk, and overall we have a grand time. It’s pretty clear that we don’t really know what happens in this movie (it’s ok, we watched it again after this day, so we’re with you in not understanding wtf we’re saying) but I’m sure you’ll still enjoy!