Colin Moriarty & The Rise of Nazi Gamer Celebrities

When Nerdopotamus started, everyone involved agreed we would avoid political discussion at all costs. To this day, the website does it best to keep even political satire at a minimum, because it’s divisive and whatnot.

You get it, right?

Well, it doesn’t seem like the rest of the internet gets it. Every time someone disagrees with an opposing opinion, they’re an “Alt-Right” Nazi scumbug or an “Alt-Left” Communist traitor.

I’ve noticed people on every side of the aisle are beginning to wake up from the nonsensical and nauseating forged political circus drama plaguing our livestreams, air waves, and social media feeds. This, in my opinion, is fantastic. I can’t find any other word to describe the refreshing new wave lifestyle people are slowly becoming better accustomed to. Simply fantastic.

People are doing their best to do what us millennials were originally taught, and those before us – to speak our minds at the voting booths. Contrary to what some people spew and improperly regurgitate, that’s how things are supposed to work, and guess what, it’s working!

Please keep your conspiracy theories on your Truther forums, respectively.


That’s how you keep it polite.

If you haven’t had a meltdown yet, and let’s be honest, it’s only a minuscule and ridiculous minority of incapacitated minds that would, then you’re at the right place.

As popular YouTuber Philly D. would say, “let’s just jump right into it.”

Mainstream popular YouTubers and professional gamers PewDiePie, JonTron, Boogie, and many others have recently come under fire for being “too political” and in some cases have been labeled as “Nazis.” Celebrities like J.K. Rowling refuse to read beyond the clickbait titles and live in their cold and cruel echo chambers of misinformation claiming everyone is a damned Nazi.

Popular YT channels like H3H3 productions used social media to their best ability to confront Ms. Rowling, to no avail.

In case you don’t know, PewDiePie is a Nazi according to the Wall Street Journal, for tasteless nazi jokes. JonTron “understands” how Trump won, so 0.0001% (not an actual statistic) of YouTube thinks he’s a follower of Hitler. Boogie’s pictures were used on two Breitbart articles, one insinuating that he was something he wasn’t. Those articles are online in great abundance. Trust me, it’s not worth your time. These people, and people like them, aren’t what outlets are calling them.

You can’t get through to some people.

Every week some new gamer or YouTuber is a p.o.s. obergruppenfuhrer. The vast majority ain’t buying it anymore, but conspiracy nuts, the ones who don’t read beyond “the,” keep influencing each others lives by spreading vitriolic misguided hate.

It’s disgusting.

The newest victim under fire is old school pro gamer and critic Colin Moriarty.

For what?

In fairness, he shared this tweet below on International Women’s Day, all while his wife was in bed next to him, laughing.

Gross? On its face, it may seem that way. Understanding a joke however, one quickly realizes the tweet is a dry joke and social commentary on the dying art of the protest.

Either way you swing your opinion bat, that doesn’t constitute Colin being a Nazi. Nope. Never. It just doesn’t. If you think it does, you’re objectively wrong. Period.

People have to stop misusing the word as it empowers a group of bastards who actually do hate everyone outside of their extremely small collective. This misuse also attempts to destroy the lives of decent men and women around the world.

That being said, The Daily Dorks own Will, has something to add, as both a fan and admirer.

You can watch it below.

Walter Winchester