Dear Nintendo Apologists

Will from the Daily Dorks can’t hold it in any longer! His anger and frustration have let loose upon the minds of Nintendo’s loyalists.

Are you alright with what’s going on in Nintendo’s world right now?

  • Space Janitor

    So because someone is absolutely stupid and doesn’t put the Joycon strap on properly the console is junk? A microscopic failure rate makes the console junk? Guy in the video is literally just a punk ass little bitch who probably cries over everything. So by the dumbass in the videos logic if I got my Ethernet cable stuck in my HDMI port on my XBOX ONE…….The XBOX ONE is a failure? STFU

    • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

      Lol, let me ask you something MR. Ik Everything. How many switches out there have these problems??? Cuz you seem to know by your statement of “a microscopic failure rate”

      So do you work for Nintendo, or are you just being a punk ass little bitch yourself? Cuz there haven’t been any reports yet of how widespread these problems are.

      Seems like you need to stop drinking the kool-aid my friend and stop with your whiny little bitch ass gripping

      • Space Janitor

        No pretty sure the guy in the video is just a punk ass fucking bitch. All these clowns spelling doom and gloom don’t seem to answer the very question your punk ass just asked. They claim this launch is a failure because of what in their words sounds like every console has issues. These “issues” seem to be the same video posted on websites and message boards by people who likely don’t even own the Switch. The failure rate is obviously small by the way otherwise there’d be a huge article somewhere about it like we’ve seen with the PS4 and XBOX One when they launched and had issues. Those were for sure in larger numbers than the Switch. I’m a fucking gamer by the way. I don’t need to go onto a board and slam a console because I sleep with my XBOX or PS4. I own them all and enjoy them all. People who make videos like this and bitch about stuff that is on par with the same things all those companies also went through are pathetic. So new game……..STFU.

    • chitown

      But you can’t get an ethernet cable stuck in an HDMI port. They don’t look similar, they’re not shaped similar. You see, the standards were designed well enough for such a thing to be impossible. Unlike, well…

  • heavenshitman1

    Yeah, that was a sad and almost funny analysis.
    Kept whining about all the individuals that may have a perfect Switch not representing the populace (the video shown probably didn’t represent 0.1% of Switch owners).
    Leading onto next point, Denoting this as a final nail in the coffin. Umm Switch has had one of the highest launch numbers in Nintendo History with the highest attatch rates for one of the highest rated games of all time. If that’s how successful this can launch given the sheer amount of skepticism and critiques the system had at launch it may likely succeed if Nintendo does address these problems.
    Yes Nintendo’s got a lotta work to do fast regarding one or 2 of the main problems on Switch, but Nintendo survived successfully this long for a reason.
    Switch is currently a ‘hot’ item if nothing else. The masses are wanting portability not a 4.6 TFLOP box

  • Brian Dub

    What a stupid assed dude bro! “no games, and Splatoon 2 is a remaster” what a bunch of bullshit! Go lick Micr0soft’s butt crack dude. Betcha can’t wait for that Scorpio and teh powah of MULTIPLATS!

    Jesus H. Christ man, I bet you defended the HELL out of 360 RROD. You and your kind are exactly what’s wrong with gaming. Now go play some more Call of Duty, bro.

    • Joseph D DeMatteis

      How can you argue this? Zelda is a Wii U game. Mario Kart is a remaster. Bomberman is a remaster. Hell, the console didn’t even ship with a cloth to clean the switches screen. Nintendo took advantage of their loyal fans once again. FACT: the console is incomplete. It was meant for a 2017 holiday launch. Damn people, there is no online plan in place. YOU are what’s wrong with gaming. Letting them take advantage of us only because of 25 year old first party games. Oh and the dock is off their e-shop due to all the reported issues with it. Wake up man.

      • Brian Dub

        FUCK online. We need original and fresh games, NOT AAA shooter sequels and always online garbage bro games. Splatoon 2 is not a remaster, it’s a bonafide sequel. I am Setsuna and Project Octopath are more important games than yet ANOTHER Call of Duty or Destiny fucking 2 garbage.

        This industry is stale as fuck with pc, xbox one and ps4 multiplats. We need Nintendo to vitalize the handheld market and bring it mainstream. We need more Monster Hunter and less Borderlands 3.

        • Joseph D DeMatteis

          Don’t totally disagree, but Nintendo isn’t doing any of those things. Zelda, is a great game but its a Wii U game. There is nothing else out. Mario should be something unique and original, but its not enough. Why can’t you have your new and original games but ALSO have the AAA titles that sell boat loads to casual fans. I wouldn’t mind some of those AAA titles to be portable now. Your comment on Project Octopath being more important is crazy. It won’t sell and whether you like it or not money drives the industry. Online is the future and Nintendo is waaaaay behind. They can leverage the internet with their original titles. I am on their store right now downloading Fast RMX….terrible and slow as hell. I have a 200meg connection and its taking forever. Even playing the preview video buffered every second. They have work to do. If they don’t do what they should, I expect to see the next Mario and Zelda on the consoles you hate.

          • Eric

            This guys name should be Brian DWEEB instead of Dub. He obviously has no clue what you are talking about. Maybe he can’t afford all the systems and have the best of everything. There is nothing wrong with that, but to say Project Octopath is better than a Call of Duty is just down right dumb and stupid. You forgot to mention the horrible joy con connection issues as well. Zelda port, Mario Kart port., splatoon 2 (glorified splatoon 1). Lets all get excited for shovel knight that’s been out on every system. Oh wait.. OMG SKYRIM.. wait.. that came out in 2011. Please. Mr. Dub.. Dweeb, doofus.. whatever.. go back to sleep. You are embarrassing yourself.

          • Joseph D DeMatteis

            Its unreal to me. There is no room for debate. He is just wrong. The worst is Mario Kart lol. They couldn’t even come out with new games for their own exclusives. They knew this system was coming out for years but Nintendo screwed their fans again. Dude, it didn’t even come with a cloth to clean the screen LMAO. They had the balls to sell 1-2 switch as a stand alone game. Its barely a demo for Christs sake. I wasted 50 dollars on it. There is NO question if you are a gamer with no console, PS4 is the obvious choice. Indie games, exclusives, power, online store, and controllers that dont stop syncing with the console lol.

          • Brian Dub

            Talking to a CoD fan is like going to the special ed class. Switch is nothing like Wii U, it’s more like 3DS. It’ll have all of 3DS’s franchises plus some AAA Western multiplats. It’ll have Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, SMT, Disgaea, Story of Seasons, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Pokemon, 7th Dragon, Bravely Default, NIS games and so on.

            Now, to some bro dudes those titles might not be very appealing, but for those of us looking for something different, Switch offers us that. Looks like YOU are the one who is embarrassing yourself by pretending, or just not knowing, about variety in gaming. Something you wont find on any Xbox system, regardless of how powerful the thing is. Some of us would prefer something different besides more shooters and sports titles.

            Go back to your boring and uninspired pick up and play bro games. The rest of us would like to see the game industry move away from the likes of more Ass Creed, Destiny 2, Battlefield 29, Call of Doodoo 47, Madden 442 and the like. Shit like that is ruining gaming because they have no soul and offer very little from sequel to annual sequel outside of graphics.

            Bro dudes who rag on PS4 for having Japanese games and Switch for being a handheld need to wake the fuck up! Sales of the Xbox One prove that gamers are looking to move away from that crap. PS4 dominates the industry and Switch is on fire. Scorpio is going to be expensive and useless to all but brain dead Xbots who are too stupid to realize they can get a superior experience with their kinds of games on a gaming PC. Scorpio is dead in the water, and hopefully so are the limited franchises developed for the Xbox One brand.

          • Joseph D DeMatteis

            Games don’t have a soul stupid. Bye Felecia.

          • Brian Dub

            Shut up idiot.

          • Joseph D DeMatteis

            Your hurting my games soul