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A message from yo’ uncle and yo’ daddy…

If you’re not down with Austin Creed’s ((Xavier Woods)), UpUpDownDown, you’re missing out. Austin Creed gets a steady amount of guest appearances from fellow WWE wrestlers, including Goldberg, Cesaro, Seth Rollins, his New Day co-members, and many more. During Creed’s sign off, he tells his viewers to “keep it tight.”

As you’ve seen above, Big Wool ((Big E’s nickname – because he’s a heavy sweater)) tends to have some fun with that particular sign off. Fans of the show look forward to more Big Wool ridiculousness ((myself included)).

NOTE: Rusev is also hilarious on UpUpDownDown. He beat Roman Reigns in “Fifa” and then requested his nicknamed be changed to “Roman Reigns,” because nobody beats him.

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Walter Winchester