Behold The Justice League

justice league

Peep the picture above.

My hype should be so high for this film. That picture alone should have had me over the moon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m into it. It’s the Justice League. Of course I’m into it.

However, I also saw, “Man of Steel,” “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and “Suicide Squad” in theaters. The first one soured for me over time, to be fair, but the second and third were sour from the jump. The worst part about that is I knew they were going to be, but I looked for hope. I was too hopeful.

I convinced myself they could be good, and then they were not. What if that happens with Justice League? I can’t let myself get hurt again. Not again.

I intentionally went for humor with “I can’t let myself get hurt again,” but it’s fucking true. I love these characters and seeing them get these underwhelming movies, while Marvel is murdering it, is just…such a bummer.

Here’s hoping DC/WB stepped their game up with this flick.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: © 2017 – Warner Bros.


Barry Ford