SHORT STORY: “Happy Holidays From Andrew Diaz”

short story

Written by:

Madolyn Benson

Seasons greetings to all my friends and family!

I can assure you all that this year, for the Diaz family at least, it will be a complete and happy holiday season, as we are a whole family once again. I know last year you all received holiday letters notifying about the divorce that was going to happen between my beautiful wife, Angie, and I.

But things are looking up for our family now! About a month ago, we discovered her internet boyfriend that she had been talking to behind my back for the past year was actually a terrorist in disguise, conning her out of money. This was a big shock to my poor wife, but not to the rest of the world since his picture came right off a GQ magazine from 2 years ago.

It must have been his charming words begging for plane ticket money to finally meet her that convinced Angie he was real. All that matters is that in the end, I finally won my wife back… At the expense of $200,000, several uncomfortable bank visits, and a few police reports.

While I am thrilled that our family is whole again now with my wife back in the picture, my daughter, Kessiah, on the other hand, is not quite as excited. She claims that the reason being for her disappointment towards the whole scenario is that the majority of the money was towards her college fund, meaning now she had no choice but to attend the community college.

As a result of the incident, my daughter decided to give up in her last year of high school. She’s managing to get D’s in lower level classes when she once was a straight A honor student. I still haven’t managed to find a bumper sticker that adequately fits this description of a student.

As for me, I picked up a job at my daughter’s high school. Unfortunately my history teaching certificate is not required for this job, nor is my 4 years of IT tech education. I boast a maroon collared shirt and scrub at the endless hallway floors. I do not hate my job, however, nor its title. While some students or parents may laugh at my job, I laugh at their unemployment and lack of drive to do something about it.

Another holiday season is passing, and I can honestly say we’re doing alright for what we’ve got. My wife has returned to me, my daughter finally chose her college destination, and I have found a job. This is all more than other families can say. I would love to continue on more about what is happening with our family this year, but now I must go and solve an issue with the bank.

I hope you all have a happy holidays this year, and I suppose we’ll all catch up again next year!

With Love,
Andrew Diaz