Scott Hall and X-Pac Watch HBK Take On Hulk Hogan

hbk vs. hogan

One of the most infamous wrestling matches of all-time is Shawn Michaels versus Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam 2005. Two masters of backstage politics, straight up going at it. The story goes that HBK and The Hulkster were supposed to do a series of matches. Hogan wins the first and then returns the favor, dropping the next match to Shawn. That never happened. Allegedly because Hulk changed his mind and didn’t want to do the favors for The Heartbreak Kid. Sort of reminds me of a lost smile…

This all led up to SummerSlam, where Shawn made a mockery of the whole match (there were also some incredible promos during the buildup featuring Shawn going all 1997 HBK on Hulk). During the bout, The Show Stopper oversold every bit of Hulk’s offense to a glorious degree. It’s always been one of my favorite matches to watch because of it.

Now I can watch it with Scott Hall and X-Pac? Hell yes! In the video below, Hall and Pac watch the match and provide commentary the whole time.

Press play and check it out!

Barry Ford