6 TV Shows That Deserved a 1UP

Hello everyone, My name is Jorge Cano from Reel People Real Reviews, here to list 6 TV shows that deserved more than one season.  I know what you’re thinking, another article where they list Firefly, Freaks and Geeks, Southland,  etc., but I’m here to shout out the shows that have been forgotten about and locked up tightly in the TV show vault wasteland.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with those other lists, I would give up my adorable 5lb Yorkshire Terrier, which I fondly named Chewbacca to get another season of Firefly – but I’m here to be the voice of the voiceless and hopefully some of my readers will give these shows a chance even if they are aware of  their impending doom.

6) The Cape (NBC 2011)

Not to be confused with the 1996 TV series based on NASA missions, This TV series was widely overlooked and could have probably have had about 3 seasons if it were on the CW.  Ex cop (Vince Farady/The Cape) framed for his Police Chiefs murder by a billionaire entrepreneur, who leaves him for dead in an explosion, and is then taken in by a gang of circus performers-turned bank robbers who teach him the art of…..circusy things? Anyways, once his training is complete he becomes The Cape, his son’s favorite comic book hero.

Leaving his family behind to protect them from his enemies he fights to protect Palm City and clear his name from any crimes. With a cast of notable actors like: Keith David, James Frain, Bullet Tooth Tony and River, this show made for a lot of special on screen moments.

The show has everything that’s made Arrow successful, with maybe more acting ability by its cast but definitely less stunts.  I want to believe this show failed because it came out a couple minutes too early, but if you want to watch I assure you the season finale is worth it.

5) Surface (ABC 2010)

Is Lake Bell hot? I’m not sure but she does it for me, and if she does it for you, then you should watch Surface.  This show features legendary Pokémon, Lake Bell, 10k eggs, a creepy Croatian scientist, clones, Lake Bell and a whole town getting absolutely wrecked by a tidal wave.  Does this not have your attention? If not you’re probably dead or hate TV.

Surface follows a marine biologist (Bell) who discovers these strange occurrences happening worldwide by these new mysterious species of sea life, with the help of her insurance salesman and a teen-aged boy, they find their lives fundamentally changed while government agents work to keep these occurrences under wraps.  The other cast members include Stan Rizzo, Blair Waldorf and Martian Child.  If none of this is enough to convince you, hopefully this picture of Lake Bell “surfacing” out of the water will do.

Photo Courtesy of Google Images, Lake Bell

4) The Lone Gunman (FOX 2001)

Every X-File fanatic knows who The Lone Gunmen were, so popular that they received their own spin off show (based off the characters of the same name) unfortunately it was on the wasteland of a network that we call FOX.  The trio of computer hacking conspiracy geeks had a following, from merchandise to already set backstories coming from X-Files, this show should have been successful.  Instead we get one season with 13 great episodes.

Think of The Lone Gunmen (John Byers, Richard Langley, Melvin Frohike) as a modern day geek squad A-Team.  Accompanied by  The Thinker and Yves Adele Harlow as their 4th and 5th members (4 journalists and 1 agent) who take on mysteries and conspiracies across the country.

All characters are remarkably different, funny and thought provoking, yet still show us the ugly side of human nature.  We see the influence of these characters spill into other shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural who time and time again feature some sort of techno geeks helping them with their missions.  A couple of cool things about the show, the character name of Yves Adele Harlow is an anagram for Lee Harvey Oswald, which the trio known as The Lone Gunmen got their name from.

The show does end on a cliffhanger but gets a proper burial in X-Files episode titled Jump The Shark.

3) Mixology (ABC 2014)

Photo Courtesy of ABC Network, Cast of Mixology

Set over the course of one night in a bar called “Mix” the show follows 5 guys and 5 ladies and their adventures to find sex, love or both.  The cast is great, beautiful and funny.  My favorite character, hands down is Bruce, played by Andrew Santino.  You may remember him as the red haired dude in Punk’d, but if you don’t, the character of Bruce alone is worth devoting some time to Mixology.  It’s heart warming and at times painfully funny and sweet.

Each episode follows 2 characters and their interactions between other characters in Mix, as they try and find their perfect match.  These characters are working toward love, and at the same time fighting through their own personal crutches.  Yes it’s cliché and you don’t have to think much to watch it, but it’s light-hearted, fun, cheesy and that’s what makes it awesome.  It’s a relatable show, we’ve  all had those moments of desperation where your friends take you out to forget about the every day struggles of life.

We’ve all had those moments where your friends take you out or vice-versa to get over a bad relationship.  This show is that, and much more.

2) The Adventures of Brisco County Jr (FOX 1993)

A Sci-Fi Western with Bruce Campbell as the lead star, created by Jeffrey Boam and Carlton Cuse….yeah how could that not still be running you say? I blame FOX, but after it’s two hour pilot, which got great reviews by all the top critics, following episodes failed to bring in ratings.  One of the writers of the show, John McNamara blames its time slot, Friday at 8:00pm and was quoted saying it was like, “fighting for numbers” since most people wouldn’t be home to watch TV at that time.

Maybe the concept of Sci-Fi and Western lore was too much for audiences, and it also featured a little too much violence for the time, but the show did run for 27 episodes.  I personally watched this show during it’s release to DVD and ate it up like mom’s roasted chicken and coconut rice (my mom only makes that dish during holidays and its damn worth the wait) and have been suggesting it to people since.  I mean c’mon it’s Bruce Campbell in a Sci-Fi Western, how are you not interested!?

In my opinion, we shouldn’t be cancelling Sci-Fi Westerns prematurely, we should be celebrating them!

1) Kings (NBC 2009)

Photo Courtesy of NBC Kings

A modern day biblical story of King David, set in an alternate reality, we follow the dude from Eragon as David Shepherd, a soldier from the Kingdom of Gilboa.  Gilboa is a monarchy, ruled by King Silas who is played by Ian Mcshane. The King was anointed by God himself as he set upon him a crown of living Monarch butterflies around his head, the Monarch butterfly is also the sigil of Gilboa. The King Is facing many problems as his policies and power are often met with manipulation by the queen’s brother, William Cross played by douche faced Dylan Baker.

The Queen is played by none other than Moira Queen, coincidentally. During the battle against The Republic of Gath, David single handedly takes action and saves a captive behind enemy lines, defeating a tank with the class title “Goliath” rescuing him all while it being captured on TV.

The captive is the King’s son, who is played by the winter soldier played. During the pilot, when footage goes out to the kingdom of David’s actions, the King calls upon David to thank him for rescuing Bucky, and a crown of Monarch butterflies comes down around David’s head, making David the divine choice as his successor. The show was great, shot with HBO style production and the performances by Ian Mcshane and Bucky were phenomenal.  That leads me to believe that was the downside of this show being cancelled.

The production cost was too high and they took an unexplainable long break in the middle of the season.  I remember the first 6 episodes starting in March and into April and then it didn’t come back until mid June on Saturday nights.  Till this day Kings remains one of my favorite one season tv shows.

I highly suggest this show if only to see Ian Mcshane rage out as a King, nobody does rage on screen like Ian McShane.

Thanks for spending some time and reading my first article, I hope you can share some forgotten tv shows that had only one season in the comment section below.  You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and you can also join our Facebook film group Reel People Real Reviews for more discussions about film, television, and anything pop culture!

How happy is this guy? Someone should tell him they’re just Monarch butterflies sent by God himself so he rules over the kingdom of Gilboa, no big deal right?

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