The Miz Tears Into Daniel Bryan

the miz and daniel bryan

If you aren’t watching “Talking Smack,” the SmackDown Live post show, then you are missing out. TS blends kayfabe and reality in an absolutely fascinating way. The latest example of that involved Daniel Bryan and The Miz.

It started out with Daniel Bryan claiming that Miz wrestles soft and cowardly, like a typical WWE wrestler. That set The Awesome One off and he straight up rippedĀ D-Bry a new b-hole. Renee Young and Maryse sit off to the side, awkwardly…playing it perfectly. The whole thing sent wrestling fans into a tizzy here online. Is it real? Is it a work? Did Miz really have to hurt Bryan’s feelings like that?

This is wrestling at its best. There was a post about it on the Squared Circle subreddit that blew up and extended to r/all. Non wrestling fans piled in, asking if this was real or not, because it looks legit AF. By the end of it, Miz has tears in his eyes.

Check it out! One of the best promos you’ll ever see, and it was on a post show. Imagine if Daniel Bryan could still wrestle. The payoff of having him come out of retirement to face The Miz for the IC title would be monstrous (super sad face).


Walter Winchester