A Dope Moment From Monday Night Raw

monday night raw

I really didn’t think I’d be able to do this article. Last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw made me very upset. With the Cruiserweight Classic in full swing, it feels like the obvious thing to do to crown a new WWE Universal Champion was some sort of tournament. I wanted a one night, Deadly Game type tourney, but an expansive one would’ve been cool, too.

Nope. The show opened with Balor relinquishing his title, which was a bummer. Then Mick Foley announced there would be “a series of matches” this week, to determine the new champion…next week. Once I heard that, I tuned out. Most of WWE can be successfully boiled down into clip packages. So when I hear that the important thing is going to happen next week, I can’t help but wonder why I’m about to spend three hours watching what I’m about to watch.

Will the wrestling be good? Maybe. Luckily, last night it was. However, for every entertaining match there was, I still had to sit through that fucking Titus O’Neil promo. Holy shit that was bad.

Anyway, the dope moment also came early on in the show. The first of the “series of matches” was Seth Rollins versus Sami Zayn. At a point, Zayn hit a really ugly landing on his ankle and looked legitimately injured. I was upset. He worked me, I’ll admit it. I thought he was hurt. He sold the shit out of the injury. Emotions were high after Balor. I didn’t know what to think.

Turns out I’m just a mark. Sami Zayn worked me into a shoot, brother!


Bayley made her official debut on the main roster. Normally, that would take the number one spot, but it was weird. Mick Foley announced her as a “free agent.” What does that mean? Did William Regal release her after she lost to Asuka at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II?


Mr. X