ORIGINAL SHORT FILM: “Don’t Take Your Guns To Town”

short film

This is an interesting one to explain. It was made thanks to help from the fantastic Instinctiv Films, with Kevin Ramos absolutely killing it as director and the man behind the camera. The end result is a dope looking shootout, but there was supposed to be a little more. After everything, the hero was to find a letter that read:

“Sorry friend, your princess is another castle.”

That was actually the original name, “Your Princess Is Another Castle.” There was a joking Super Mario implication, but that was also there to give a little hint of a plot. Then our filming day got messed up by rain, so due to time, we weren’t able to get the scene with the letter. However, the wet concrete and overall shitty day definitely helped lend to the mood created in the final product (see featured image).¬†Unfortunately, that didn’t change the fact that we needed a new name.

Eventually, I settled on a nod to one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs…

“Don’t Take Your Guns To Town”

Starring: Anthony Iovino (owner of Mark Out Entertainment)

Visual Effects and Editing by: Oleg Appassov

Joseph Finnegan