CBFU: From the Belgian Shop – DC Rebirth Special

Once again, I’m here to review the comic books worth reading. This week I’m reviewing the best books that DC is publishing at the moment. Mind you, this wasn’t an easy choice. Ever since DC started with their new Rebirth relaunch, they have been putting out banger after banger. I decided not to include books that only have one or two issues so far, like All-Star Batman, Titans or The Hellblazer, even though they’re really good as well. So these are my top five established comics of DC right now.  If you want to know what my top picks are for Marvel, read last week’s article.

Due to the fact that I didn’t have a lot of time this week and especially today, these reviews are slightly shorter than my usual ones.

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So here it goes!

5. Green Arrow by Benjamin Percy, Otto Schmidt & Juan Fereyra

After Ben Percy’s very mediocre run on Green Arrow in the New 52, this series wasn’t loaded with a lot of hype. But boy did he surpass expectations. Sure, it’s nowhere near the epicness that was Jeff Lemire’s run, but those are big shoes to fill. Reintroducing Black Canary to Oliver Queen’s life proves that Percy (and DC execs) know what they’re doing. Their relationship is interesting and propels the story in an interesting way. The threat is a great new adversary for Green Arrow, in a real Green Arrow conventional style.

Written with a surprisingly new and interesting tone, this series sure is one to look out for. Juan Fereyra’s art may be great, but Otto Schmidt’s is the real seller here. Art you wouldn’t really expect for DC, but that just adds with the surprisingly good flow this book has been having. I would even say it’s the best art of Rebirth thus far. That being said, I just hope Ben Percy can keep on delivering and keeps this high going.

4. Batman by Tom King & David Finch

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but Tom King is one of the best writers at the moment. His Vision book is the best thing being published right now (if you want me to convince you, read this) and his Sheriff of Babylon book is my favorite creator-owned series of the moment. His run on Batman was at first a little underwhelming to be Tom King, but it got progressively better and better. With today’s issue #5 (which I haven’t read yet) the first storyline, I am Gotham, has been completed. Two new superheroes are coming to save Gotham, both named after the city they swear to protect. But are they what they seem, or do they have other intentions as well? And why are they here so suddenly, unannounced and without any history? And who are the monster men?

The story is action packed, emotionally packed and scripted beautifully. The dialogue is really good and especially the narration is what drives the story, as is the usual case for Tom King. The art by David Finch is really good. Blockbuster art like this perfectly captures every action scene in a vivid manner. As I said, it has been a little underwhelming for being Tom King, but I think the next chapter is where he’s really gonna shine. I’m already looking forward to The Night of the Monster Men.

3. Detective Comics by James Tynion IV, Eddy Barrows & Alvaro Martinez

James Tynion IV has had his decent share of Batman writing jobs. Batman Eternal had mixed reviews, but his recent Batman/TMNT crossover has been really good. So far, this book is the best he’s written on Batman. The book doesn’t really focus on Batman himself, but rather on Batwoman, who has to run a team of heroes and one not-so-hero for Batman, to do the jobs he can’t. The team consists of Batwoman, Spoiler (yeah, that’s a character, not a cover up for an actual spoiler), Red Robin, Orphan and Clayface. Together they try to tackle a mysterious army of soldiers who seem very dedicated to dressing up and acting like Batman. Who are they and what do they want? That’s what this team tries to find out.

Filled with action and drama, this series is certainly one of the best of Rebirth right now. The art by Eddy Barrows is pretty good, but far from the level of Martinez. When Martinez is on, that’s when the story really shines. Dark and gritty, but still clean. That’s how a Batman book should be drawn. So for anybody who is not satisfied with the main Batman book by Tom King, this is certainly a great alternative.

2. Superman by Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason & Jorge Jimenez

Peter J. Tomasi, known for his work on Blackest Night, Brightest Day and Batman & Robin now continues with his amazing work on Superman. This title, in contrast to Action Comics focuses on Superman’s family rather than his interaction with the outside world. It is very much setting up his son, Jon, as the next Superboy for the coming title Super-Sons due to launch in early 2017. Not only does it focus on Jon as a character, but also on his interaction and relationship to his father. Why hasn’t he told him he is Superman? Did his dad know he would have powers as well? For how long? And how effective are these powers so far? These are all questions Tomasi tries to answer, and he does it in a pretty great way.

Emotionally touching, like a good Superman book should be. The art very much compliments the writing, with very clean, colorful artwork. “The colors will fly” is what was said in the first issue, and that’s exactly what’s happening. The colors are flying again, bright red and blue like they haven’t been in years.

1. Action Comics by Dan Jurgens, Patrick Zircher, Tyler Kirkham & Stephen Segovia

Dan Jurgens is one of the best Superman writers in the game. He co-wrote the epic saga of the Death and Return of Superman and lately wrote the Lois & Clark mini that reintroduces the pre-New 52 to the current universe. This next chapter in his take on the Man of Tomorrow feels like a continuation to Lois & Clark and Death of Superman combined. Doomsday is back, and while having to face his toughest adversary, he also has to deal with the world wondering who this new Superman is. And what is Lex doing now, wearing the Superman shield?

It is action packed and hasn’t been lacking in excitement ever since issue #957, where the series relaunched. The art has been great throughout, even though there already have been three different artists for only five issues. I have no doubt Dan Jurgens will keep up the good work and that this title will keep being the best title at DC for at least the duration of this arc.

So that was that for this week. Next week, I’ll review my top five creator-owned comic books. So make sure to stay tuned for that one!

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Gary Frank & Brad Anderson.