Movie Review: “Sausage Party”

sausage party

This movie was absolutely hilarious. From beginning to end, there are a ton of laughs. Hell, on the comedy alone, I would give “Sausage Party” the highest grade possible. I should probably write more than that, though.

Let’s start with the plot.

NOTE: I am going to load this review with spoilers.


It’s very simple. The film takes place in a grocery store, under the veil of another dimension, where all of the food is alive. Humans still live within their dimension, though. It’s a weird, cross-dimensional thing that happens. The food are alive themselves, but all people see is – well – food. At one point, carrots try running for their lives, and all the person sees is two carrots rolling off the counter.

I’m only delving into this, because there are some moments that stretch the concept. One involving a hilariously suicidal can of honey mustard (as played by Danny McBride) that made me question things. It was a bit distracting, but as I was typing this out, I realized it also helped hook me. So I guess it’s a wash really.

Anyway, it all gets explained away by bath salts. Yes, the drug. A character played by James Franco gets destroyed on them and while intoxicated, the veil between the human and food dimension lowers, allowing him to see the food with their feet, and shoes…and gloves.

They're eating children! (Sony Pictures)
They’re eating children! (Sony Pictures)

Then he accidentally gets his head chopped off, and the food realize they can fight back. So they shoot all the humans in the grocery store with toothpicks soaked in bath salts, lowering the veil, and then they murder everybody. That’s the movie you’re in for and it is fucking hilarious.

There’s not a lot of scenes in the house, by the way. Just in case anyone had their hopes up for that stuff from the trailers. I know I did. Turns out, it’s mostly in the grocery store, which is its own wonderfully realized world full of some great commentary on our real world.

Oh, and the voice cast is top notch. Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Anders Holm, Edward Norton, the previously mentioned James Franco and Danny McBride, David Krumholtz, Salma Hayek, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Craig Robinson, the list goes on. The show stealer is most definitely the douche, however, as played by Nick Kroll. He straight up stole every second of every scene that he was in.

The Douche! (Sony Pictures)
The douche! (Sony Pictures)

Time to close out. If you enjoy Seth Rogen’s usual brand of comedy (“Pineapple Express,” “Superbad,” etcetera), you’ll love this film. It’s really that simple. For others, there is a ton to enjoy. It’s a great concept, perfectly executed.

Go check it out immediately!!


Barry Ford