Michael Kenneth Williams Wants To Play Black Manta

michael kenneth williams

News recently broke that Black Manta will be the villain for the Aquaman solo film starring Jason Momoa. That’s a great choice! In fact, when Will Smith was originally cast in “Suicide Squad,” I was hoping it was as Manta. He turned out to be a pretty damn solid Deadshot, but I really wanted to see him as a true villain, not the obvious anti-hero you’re supposed to sympathize with.

Anyway, now there’s zero chance that the Fresh Prince will get the role. A lot of people are pulling for Michael Kenneth Williams to get it, and until now, I didn’t realize how much I wanted that. He would kill it.

Someone tweeted at him, expressing their desire to see him play the role.

His response:

If you haven’t seen Michael Kenneth Williams at his best, you need to go pop on “The Wire.” He plays Omar, one of the most fascinating and well-acted roles in the history of television. He would bring so much to the DC cinematic universe. There’s no doubt in my mind that if they let him off the chains a bit, he’ll turn in that world’s best performance as a villain (a title currently held by Michael Shannon).

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