CS:GO Invades Halo 5

CS:GO, formally known as Counter-Strike, is not arguably one of the largest video games of all-time, but is one of the largest video games of all-time. If you don’t believe me, head over to Twitch any day of the week and witness the amount of professional CS:GO streams going on simultaneously.

There was a time Twitch didn’t exist and hundreds of screaming teenagers piled on top of pros in LAN cafes.

I digress.

YouTuber FiveAU has such a passion for both franchises, that he decided to put a little bit of Counter-Strike in Halo 5.

The result?

See below.

De_DustII is an original CS:GO map and remains one of the most prominent and important multiplayer maps of all time. Seeing it in a Halo game brings back too many good memories. I can’t take it!

Actually, I can.

We unboxed Halo 5 last year and gave it a splendid review.

Walter Winchester