Don’t Play Pokemon Go In Graveyards

No, really, don’t. If you’re religious or superstitious then you won’t want to play Pokemon Go in the land of souls ever again.

Maybe you’re none of those things and realized creeping around those in the ground require peace and respect.

However you look at it, sneak a peak at the picture below, and you’ll avoid stomping around graveyards.


A user on Reddit called hawkanz claims to have found the Pokemon above while “Pokewalking” around a graveyard.

We can’t confirm if it’s real, because Reddit user AndyFisher71 points out a similar claim was made last week. Picture below.


At first glance, the two Haunter’s look identical, but look at the stardust.  The first one has 137,299 while the other has 9,281.

We’re not suggesting it’s the same picture of Haunter, but we are suggesting the unknown probability of similar occurrences in a short amount of time can seem forged.

Stop playing in graveyards people. It’s spooky and strange.


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SOURCE: reddit

Walter Winchester