Watch Suicide Squad Absolutely Free

On the fence when it comes to Suicide Squad? Do you really want to see it no matter what? Maybe you don’t have the cash to see it opening weekend.

If you act today, and today only, there’s a chance you can see Warner Bros newest anti-hero film for nothing, or next to nothing, depending on your location.


If you’re a T-Mobile customer as of August 2nd, 2016, then download an application on your Android and iOS device titledĀ T-Mobile Tuesdays. Follow all the necessary steps after downloading the app (don’t worry, T-Mobile made it simple) and redeem your ticket.

Do know this. You can only redeem one ticket up to approximately thirteen dollars USD, must use Fandango’s services, and must use the code with a participating theater through Fandago. If you suceed through the un-carrier’s trials a tribulations, you’ll be watching a triple-a flick for $0.00.

Don’t wait until midnight, because chances are you won’t find seats.

If you don’t have T-Mobile or you’re biding your time, then checkĀ out early thoughts on the movie here.

Daniel Mihailescu