Five Ways Pokemon Go Changed Today

Pokemon Go just got a bunch of changes. If you’ve been playing for the past few weeks, get ready for some real game changers. Here’s everything you need to know before going out and catching ’em all.

1.) Avatars can now be customized after the fact.

After people complained about choice, it looks like the devs listened and we’re getting what we want. Freedom!

2.)Each Pokemon has received a change in their damage values.

Looks like your next trip to the gym is going to be a helluva time.

3.) Speaking of Gyms, the animations have changed, and for the better.

There are also new gyms for you to take. Go grab them.

4.) One of the biggest things that changed are Pokemon footprints.

You can blame Pokemon Go trackers for that removal. Check out Pokevision to catch all the rarest monsters across the street from you.

5.) Some medals and art have been modified to fit modern screens better.

While this might not seem like a great deal, it’s certainly a welcome addition. It shows the developers aren’t giving up on us.

There you have it. All the stuff you care about in a tight nit package.

Good luck and be careful.


Walter Winchester