Someone Made Their Own NES Classic

Nintendo will soon release the NES Classic. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a contemporary Nintendo Entertainment System made for the modern day wo/man, and it’s loaded with officially licensed digital games and HDTV ready. Some people can’t wait to get their hands on such a system however, and now they’re taking it upon themselves to “DIY” something of similar quality.

Nintendo’s NES Classic

Blogger DaftMike used some serious skills to create a legit looking NES that operates just as well as the above soon-to-be-released official console, if not better. At time of writing, Nintendo doesn’t have any plans to release extra digital content for the NES classic. With a DIY version though, the possibilities become endless.

DaftMike uses a Raspberry Pi in order to power up homemade cartridges.



There’s even a time lapse on how the cartridges are created. We have included the video below. It’s short, so give it a watch.

We’re excited to see others create their own custom designs. While we can’t comment on the legalities of such designs and uses of devices like the one in this post, or even condone such things, maybe Nintendo is listening and will react accordingly. Let’s hope they answer kindly and give fans what they want.

More below.


My Raspberry Pi NES Classic

Want to learn how DaftMike did it? Let DaftMike explain! Click here.


Daniel Mihailescu