Dream Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Prince Puma (Ricochet)

rey mysterio, prince puma, ultima lucha dos, lucha underground

If you don’t watch Lucha Underground, you need to change that ASAP. If you call yourself a wrestling fan, you should at least give the show a shot. Especially if you like lucha libre. You’ll be blown away by what you see on LU – I promise.

Speaking of which. they recently had their season finale – Ultima Lucha. As this was the second year for the event, it was called Ultima Lucha Dos. A multiple night event that featured a number of killer matches.

One of them was the banger you see listed above: Rey Mysterio vs. Prince Puma (AKA Ricochet). This match should be all that you need to go and check out Lucha Underground. Awesome bouts like this happen on the regular over there.


Barry Ford