Dean Ambrose Retains Title Against Seth Rollins

dean ambrose, seth rollins

Last night on Raw, the main event was Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship. We’ll get there. Real quick: I want to talk about the reveal of General Managers for Raw and SmackDown.

Stephanie McMahon was put in charge of Raw and as her GM, she picked Mick Foley.

Shane had to stand up to that. Mick Foley was a good pick. Who doesn’t love the Micker?

How could Shane O’Mac top that?

Pretty easily it turns out. He turned to the Yes Movement!

The draft is tonight. Can’t wait. We’ll be covering it here on Nerdopotamus.

Anyway, back to why we’re here: Dean versus Seth for the title. It was a great match. The two of them usually put on great matches. Their Hell in a Cell at the 2014 event is one of the best that gimmick has seen in years. Ambrose and Rollins have had crazy chemistry since back in their FCW days. They could wrestle each other one on one, night after night, and I’d happily watch ’em all.

Onto the finish: a superplex. Once the both of them hit the mat, they rolled through, into a pin. Only thing is that both their shoulders were on the mat when the ref counted three. Speaking of the ref, he had taken a bump before counting the pin fall, so he was a bit out of it afterwards. Shane and Stephanie were watching with their GMs on the outside, and Steph hopped right to it. She grabbed the title and had Lillian Garcia announce Seth as new champ.

The show went off the air that way, and spilled over onto the WWE Network. This is where Shane grabbed a microphone and announced that Dean actually retained his title. That’s what happens if there’s a draw in a championship match: champ retains.

There’s a rematch set for tonight’s episode of SmackDown, which will also play host to the brand extension draft. As I wrote earlier, we will be covering it here on Nerdopotamus.


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