ORIGINAL SHORT FILM: “A Broken Foot and a Fractured Soul”

short film

“A Broken Foot and a Fractured Soul” is a comedy short inspired by my friend, who actually broke his foot around the time of filming. I made this over six years ago. I was looking for something to shoot and thought my friend’s circumstance was ripe for comedy. Mostly because he didn’t break his foot doing anything. He was standing still, shifted his weight to one side, and his foot just broke.

He always told people that he was attacked by the famous foot clan from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and that they broke his foot to send a message. I still find that hilarious.

Anyway, that should cover the backstory.

The film picks up after the broken foot, which left my buddy with absolutely nothing to do, except try to combat crushing boredom.

Joseph Finnegan