Batista Punked Out My Buddy


This didn’t happen recently. In fact, it was almost ten years ago. WWE brought back ECW. Most fans call it WWECW, because it was the famously extreme promotion put through a WWE lens. At first, it really wasn’t bad. The show was given some time to breathe. Paul Heyman was in charge, and he gave CM Punk his first chance on there. RVD wound up winning the main title, and then the WWE Championship.

Christian even got some time to shine as ECW Champion. Over time, though, the quality took a noticeable dive. Bobby Lashley was given a substantial push, and it was absolutely awful. Vince McMahon won the title, and then did this…


All of the little WWE touches started to really turn the fans on the product. One of those touches was a main event of Big Show vs. Batista for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship on an episode of ECW television. As expected, the extreme faithful did not take well to this.

A couple of my buddies were in the crowd for that match. One of them is very – well – let’s just say passionate. We’ll keep it at that. With Batista making his entrance, my passionate buddy decided to get up close and let him know how he really felt about The Animal taking on The World’s Largest Athlete on an episode of ECW. He was hurling any obscenity that could make the trip from his brain to his mouth.

However, my buddy did not expect Batista to actually interact with him. Like most fans, he expected to scream his piece, and go about his business. Instead, Batista actually turned back to get in his face, most likely due to whatever vile words my buddy was throwing at him.

NOTE: The following video is cued up to the incident in question.

Batista vs Big Show for the ECW World Championship by superbatista619

My favorite part is how once Batista keeps walking, my buddy leans over the railing and starts talking smack again.

If you’ve seen Batista’s DVD filmed during his return run leading up to WrestleMania 30, then you know he’s actually a really great sport about this sort of stuff, and enjoys messing with the fans. That doesn’t make it any less funny, however. As long as this match is easily found online, I can watch my buddy get hilariously punked out by The Animal.

How many people can say that?

PS: Obviously there was no real move for my buddy that didn’t involve getting the shit kicked out of him by Batista, or being arrested. Perhaps even both. The humor, for me, doesn’t come in the simple fact that he got punked out. I mean, obviously he did. Look at Batista. There was a reason they called him The Animal (check the featured image). 

For me, the humor is in that little step back he takes when Batista is in his face. He goes from ninety miles per hour to zero in no time, and then right back up to ninety as Batista walked away. 


Joseph Finnegan