TRAILER: “Yoga Hosers”

Yoga Hosers, Kevin Smith

As a huge fan of Kevin Smith, I will definitely see this film when I get the chance. I mean, I saw “Tusk” in theaters. Hell, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every one of his films in theaters, since “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” I was too young for the others.

Having said that, “Yoga Hosers” looks weird AF. Check it out for yourself.

Here’s the plot, via Wikipedia:

The film centers on 15-year-old yoga nuts Colleen Collette and Colleen McKenzie, who have an after-school job at a Manitoba convenience store called Eh-2-Zed.

When an ancient evil rises from beneath Canada’s crust, releases an army of little monsters, called the Bratzis (little Nazis made out of bratwursts) and threatens the Colleens’ big invitation to a senior party, they join forces with a legendary man-hunter from Montreal, Guy Lapointe.

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Barry Ford