Tiger Driver ’91 Episode 4: Live From Pro Wrestling Magic Supershow

This week’s episode is very special as we have moved outside the comfort and luxury of the Driver Dome and decided to bring you this edition of TD91 live from the Pro Wrestling Magic Supershow! PWM celebrated their one year of existence by putting on a phenomenal show with a great mix of young and established talent. So, typically, like a leech to blood the Driver Dudes swoop in and take advantage, having some fun discussions with a lot of the fine wrestlers at the show.

Steve Off, CZW’s own Preacher, both members of Crusade for Change: Darius Carter and TJ Marconi, PWM Champion and Chikara mainstay Juan Francisco de Coronado, and former CZW Champion and wrestling journeyman Drew Gulak all stop by for a taste of the dome.

Please check out these and ALL the incredible talent on the show. Follow them on Twitter, stalk them on Facebook, but just be sure to support them.