TEASER TRAILER: “The Magnificent Seven”

the magnificent seven

As a huge Steve McQueen fan, this is a movie I am looking forward to. “The Magnificent Seven” and “The Great Escape” are the first two of his movies that I watched, and they floored me. I later learned that while filming the original Seven, McQueen would mess with the main lead, Yul Brynner. Yul was a shorter man, so they would film him on top of a mound of dirt to make it appear as though he was taller than his co-stars.

So, as they were going through scenes, McQueen would kick bits of dirt out from under Brynner. He would also make it a point to always be doing something when he was in frame, so that your eyes were drawn towards him and away from Yul. Apparently, it drove the “Westworld” star crazy.

None of this is really relevant to the trailer you’re about to watch.┬áJust wanted to share. Those are a couple of the best behind the scenes anecdotes I’ve ever heard about Hollywood. Here’s hoping something equally as awesome comes out of Antoine Fuqua’s upcoming film.


Walter Winchester