Alan Wake DLC Free For All

Remedy Entertainment released their Microsoft (X-Box One and PC) exclusive Quantum Break days ago. A quick search online will yield a variety of interesting feelings, some bashing the game while others praise it as a masterpiece.

Customers who purchased the X-Box One version of the game were rewarded with a bonus game, Alan Wake, via backwards compatibility,  along with its downloadable content packs. Originally, the “free” content only came with a new copy of Quantum Break, but because of some misprints and other errors reported by consumers on social media sites, now some of the content is free for everyone.

There’s a catch though! Users still need the base game Alan Wake to access the DLC. So you either need a copy already, need to purchase Quantum Break new for X-Box One, buy a physical copy, or buy a digital copy. You could always opt for that white bundle that’s not on any shelves by me.

Not a bad deal, since a used copy can be found for a few dollars and digital keys of the game are going for less than $5 at the time of writing.

We’re not sure how long the deal will last, so click here to take advantage, even if you don’t have the game yet. A valid X-Box live account and payment method are required.

Did Microsoft and Remedy handle this right? Let us know by commenting below.

Walter Winchester