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top 100 wrestlers

Welcome back to The Nerd/Out Top 100 Wrestlers of the year. In case you didn’t see the first installment of this list, allow us to explain what’s going on. Together with Mark Out Entertainment, we here at Nerdopotamus have formed a wrestling committee. Their goal was to put together a list of the best wrestlers in the world. The qualifying period was from final bell of WrestleMania 31 to final bell of WrestleMania 32.

Anything that came before or after is irrelevant, and did not factor into the decision-making process.

Today we will be joined by a few members of the Nerd/Out wrestling committee. As usual, we’ll introduce them when the time comes.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started:

Chuck Taylor

(Chuck Taylor's Twitter)
(Chuck Taylor’s Twitter)

For this entry, we take you to Carlos Rivero (one of the stars of Tiger Driver ’91 and one half of Team WCW):

Chuck Taylor started out as the guy that scared kids and murdered pre-teen afroed Ricochet in IWA-MS. He’s made his way to Chikara, PWG, DG USA, Beyond and made his mark in every single promotion. Chuckie T is also incredible on PWG commentary. Love him. Worship him.

Timothy Thatcher

(Timothy Thatcher's Twitter)
(Timothy Thatcher’s Twitter)

For this entry, we take you to Jovanni Ibarra (Nerdo’s lead Film + TV writer and a filmmaker himself):

The “British Messiah,” Timothy Thatcher is one of the most underrated and little known studs on the indie circuit. The best way to describe this guy is William Regal in Cesaro’s body. He’s got an old school look, and is an absolutely BRILLIANT technical/mat wrestler who can knock your teeth in.

He mostly pops up in Evolve, he’s their current champion, but he has worked shows for other promotions like PWG and, no matter where he goes and who he works, it’s guaranteed his match will be one of the standouts. He continues to put on clinics with some of the best on the independent scene, some of which will pop up on later installments, and has earned every bit of the name, “British Messiah.”

War Machine


For this entry, we take you back to Carlos Rivero:

Do you like beards? Do you like hardbody dudes? Do you like vikings that listen to Slayer? Warmachine is the team for you. These guys have been tearing up ROH and the independent wrestling scene for the last year. Get into it. Or be a busta.


(From the Twitter account of Trent?)
(From the Twitter account of Trent?)

For this entry, we take you to Jerry Mascolo (a cast member of TD91 and one half of Team WWE):

Trent? found his second wind post-WWE in NJPW, teaming with Rocky Romero to form Roppongi Vice. The duo have captured the IWGP JR Heavyweight Tag Championship from Internet darlings The Young Bucks.

Biff Busick/Christopher Girard


For this entry, we take you to Joey Finnegan (TD91 cast member and Nerdo regular):

Some fans might not be happy with what I’m about to write. I imagine they’d want me to focus more on the in-ring work of the man formerly known as Biff Busick. Here’s the thing: he doesn’t need us to get over how talented a wrestler he is. See those three letters next to his name up there? They say everything we possibly could have, but better, and it only takes three letters.

That being the case, I bet you’re wondering where I could possibly be going with this.

I don’t think I need to say anything more, but I will say this: I don’t get hyped on Christopher Girard (FKA Biff Busick), I STAY HYPED on Christopher Girard (FKA Biff Busick). ZZ is the worst. 

Donovan Dijak

top 100 wrestlers
(Donovan Dijak’s Twitter)

For this entry, we take you back to Jovanni Ibarra:

Donovan Dijak is what you look for in a professional wrestler. He’s a rare mix of size, strength agility, and charisma. He stands at an imposing 6 feet, 7 inches, and weighs 260+ pounds and still does a better moonsault and plancha to the outside than most light heavyweights. He won ROH’s Top Prospect Tournament in January of 2015, giving him a ton of momentum heading into our qualifying period.

He immediately challenged Jay Lethal for the TV Title, before Truth Martini stepped in and recruited him to The House of Truth. Under the tutelage of Martini and as part of arguably ROH’s top stable, the 28-year-old New Englander has an incredibly bright future in the wrestling business.

Marty Scurll

top 100 wrestlers
(Marty Scurll’s Twitter)

For this entry, we take you back to Carlos Rivero:

Party Marty? Nope. He’s been long dead. Marty Scrull is a villain in every sense of the word. Umbrella. Goggles. Fur coat. My man is vile. But he’s been making a splash in the states as of late, especially tearing it up in PWG with the likes of Tommy End and Zach Sabre Jr. Marty may not like to party anymore, but he keeps it lit.


top 100 wrestlers

For this entry, we take you back (yet again) to TD91 cast member, Carlos Rivero:

MOOSE. MOOSE. MOOSE. MOOSE. MOOSE. MOOSE. MOOSE. MOOSE. MOOSE. A former NFL player that quit the league and a million dollar paycheck to live his dream as a professional wrestler. His wife even left him as soon as he told her. This didn’t stop the Moose Nation train from running hard into ROH. Moose will always have my respect. MOOSE.

Rich Swann

top 100 wrestlers

For this entry, we take you to Fre (TD 91 cast member and Nerdo regular):

Even though the stupid wings on his trunks are lame AF, Rich Swann is anything but. Since training and debuting in the CZW camp, Swann has soared through the indy world, taking it by storm with high flying and acrobatic antics. His athleticism has recently earned him a spot on the NXT roster, where hopefully he will go all. Night. Long.

Brian Cage

top 100 wrestlers

For the final entry on this installment of The Nerd/Out Top 100 Wrestlers, we take you back to Fre:

To say that Brian Cage is a fucking machine would usually be an exaggeration, but in his case it’s an absolute way of life. Cage has been getting his shit in in PWG for years, taking on all the best athletes in the world and dominating with his awesome physique. Lately, Weapon X has been bringing down the house in Lucha Underground, putting on great matches with the likes of Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma.

That’s all for day three of our list. Numbers 70-61 will be published tomorrow. Feel free to question our choices in the comment section.

We’d love to hear from you!


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