C.B.S. – Superman vs. The Incredible Hulk

superman vs. the incredible hulk

Welcome back to “Certified Banger Sunday,” where we at Nerdopotamus pick something entertaining to help you enjoy your Sunday just a little bit more.


Were you as disappointed by Batman v. Superman as my buddy Walter Winchester was? If so, I think I may have something that will help: Superman and The Incredible Hulk engaging in an absolutely epic brawl. These videos are incredibly popular, so you may have seen them already. You can always not watch, but trust me, you won’t regret throwing away another few minutes of your life on this once in a lifetime battle.

We may see this again in comic form. Somebody may even animate another Superman versus Hulk fight. None of it will live up to the sheer quality of this, however. There’s a reason why the first video alone has over ten million views.

Youtube user Mike Habjan created a masterpiece.


Barry Ford