WWE Studios Has Raised The Bar Of Ridiculousness


So, WWE owns their own film studio. We all know this by now. What you may not know is that they have another movie coming out very soon, and it looks absolutely ridiculous, but in the best possible way. Dolph Ziggler and Kane are the WWE Superstars who lead this flick.

Dolph is a cop who is haunted by the loss of his son. He gets his chance to avenge that loss when another boy is kidnapped. The kidnapper eventually calls in, and tells Cop Ziggler to meet him at the WWE event. That’s right…this movie takes place at a WWE show. Oh, and if you’re wondering who Kane is, he was perfectly cast as Dolph’s captain. If he doesn’t ask for someone’s badge and weapon at any point during the film, I’m going to be upset.

I almost forgot about the best part. The trailer ends with Rusev, in full gear, holding Dolph at gunpoint, and screaming at him to see a badge. Then, from the looks of it, Ziggler hauls off and hits Rusev with a Superkick. Let me repeat that, but just a little clearer: in this movie, a cop Superkicks a wrestler.

I guess Cop Ziggler’s been training. Anyway, without much further adieu, here is the trailer for the movie in question. It’s called, “Countdown,” and along with Dolph and Kane, the film stars¬†Katharine Isabelle (who I recognize as Ava from “Supernatural,” but she’s also in “Insomnia” and “Freddy vs. Jason”).


This clip is amazing.


Barry Ford