The Best Moment of RAW (3/14/2016)


Welcome back to “The Best Moment of RAW,” where I, Mr. X, take an entire episode of WWE’s flagship television show, Monday Night Raw, and boil it down to the very best that it had to offer. Last week, we had a few options. This week, we’re going to end with the very first, “Worst Moment of RAW.”

We’ll get there, though. For now, let’s stick to the good stuff. My favorite part of this episode was when Mick Foley showed up, and passed his infamous barbed wire bat down to The Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose. There’s something so perfect about Ambrose being the one that Foley gifts the bat to, especially with Dean entrenched in his rivalry with The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar.

The Lunatic needed an equalizer, and now he has it.

That was honestly it for me, on this episode. Dolph Ziggler wrestled Triple H, but it was clearly so that The Game could get into the ring again. He’s going into WrestleMania 32 as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and he’s now only wrestled twice since winning it. I’m sure he’ll have more in-ring segments as we head to the thirty-second Showcase of the Immortals.

After that, Roman Reigns came back, and beat The King of Kings down. It was revenge for the beating that Trips gave him, and nobody in the crowd cared. It was horrible. The main event of ‘Mania was playing out on a RAW, three weeks ahead of time, and part of the crowd was booing.

That should never happen.

Onto the first-ever Worst Moment of RAW. This unfortunate honor was created to curse the day that Adrian Neville was injured. He was going for a slide underneath Chris Jericho, messed it up only slightly, and broke his ankle and tibia. This happened mere weeks from his first WrestleMania. Such a bummer.

After the injury, Jericho tried to roll up The Man That Gravity Forgot and end the match, but the referee called it as a shoot, not counting the three, because Neville’s shoulders were up off the mat. This set Y2J off. He screamed, “he’s hurt” at the ref, and then shoved him, causing the match to end in a disqualification loss for everyone’s favorite cool dad, the sexy beast himself, Chris Jericho.

One of the RAW fallout videos this week featured Neville being checked out by WWE doctors. This video is bummer city. Towards the end, he asks for confirmation on whether or not he broke his ankle. When the doctor says yes, you can practically hear Neville’s heart break into pieces.


Mr. X