Indie Film Spotlight: “10 Years”

I don’t know what it is. Perhaps it’s feeling nostalgic that my 10 year high school reunion was this past year, but I saw “10 Years” about three years ago now and I fell in love with it- and it’s managed to creep its way back into my consciousness, compelling me to write about it. I tell everyone that I can about it and every single person I’ve told has come back to me raving about it. Some were so touched they got emotional watching it – I kind of did myself.

So now, I figured I’d let all of you know about this little gem and stop being selfish and trying to hold on to it for myself. This film deserves to be seen.

Courtesy of Anchor Bay Films
Courtesy of Anchor Bay Films

The film is directed by Jamie Linden, writer of “Dear John” and “We Are Marshall,” and boasts an absolutely stellar ensemble cast featuring – get ready for this – Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Rosario Dawson, Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza, Justin Long, Oscar Isaac, Kate Mara, Anthony Mackie and Ari Graynor – just to name a few. Yes, you read those names correctly and yes, I told you it was a stellar ensemble cast.

Even with all of those names, the film never feels overlong or tedious. In fact, it feels the exact opposite of that. You’ll be left wanting to see more of these characters once the film is over – it clocks in at an extremely reasonable 100 mins. The film feels like the freshest of breezes.

Courtesy of Anchor Bay FIlms
Courtesy of Anchor Bay FIlms

What makes the film work is Jamie Linden’s perfect balancing of the ensemble. Every single character has their moment, big or small, none of which feels rushed and all of it feels natural and endearing. You care about these characters because they are real people dealing with very real emotions that we all have felt at some point in our post high school lives.

We all feel invincible in high school and like it’s going to last forever, only to come crashing to down when the realization hits that no, it doesn’t last forever. Not. At. All. Linden and the cast all create REAL people with whom you can connect with – maybe even empathize with – and not just some caricatures of those people you knew in high school.

Whatever happened to the girl who was every guy’s wet dream? What did she amount to? What happened to the class clown? Did he find time to get serious enough and get a job? Who got fat? Who got rich? All of these characters are represented in this film.

I stumbled on the DVD while perusing through the DVD section at Target of all places, and was drawn to the cover when I saw Channing Tatum and Justin Long on it. I am a fan of both of them and didn’t recall them ever being in a film together, so I picked it up. I read the synopsis on the back of the cover and saw the rest of the cast, and I couldn’t believe all of the talent stuffed into the film. I bought it and watched it later that night.

I was totally floored and taken off guard by what I saw. What a fabulous film. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me smile, and it hooked me. How had I not heard of it before? How long has this been out? I could not stop thinking or talking about the film for almost two weeks after I saw it, raving about it to anyone who would listen. I saw it another 3 times and fell in love with it a little more each time i saw it.

Courtesy of Anchor Bay Films
Courtesy of Anchor Bay Films

So here I am, suggesting the film to you all, hoping you enjoy it as much as I did. It’s an absolute gem. If you watch it, or have already seen it, please feel free to let me know you think. Here’s the trailer for those that need a little more than just my love letter.

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This is Jovanni, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.

FEATURED IMAGE CREDIT: Courtesy of Anchor Bay Films.

Jovanni Ibarra