The Best Moment of RAW (3/7/2016)


Welcome back to “The Best Moment of RAW,” where I, Mr. X, take an entire episode of WWE’s flagship television show, Monday Night Raw, and boil it down to the very best that it had to offer. Last week didn’t provide the most options. I took what I could get.

This week, however, started with a bang. Shane McMahon came out to the ring to respond to the horrible things that Vince McMahon said about him on the previous episode. While Shane was talking, Undertaker’s gong hit, and the lights went out.

Then VKM’s music played. Vince made his way out to ringside, and explained that he was behind the gong. He was doing it to scare Shane O’Mac. Then Vinny Mac took out a cherished father and son photo from right before Shane’s first trip to a WWE show, only to smash it on the ramp. After that, he went on about how Shane’s kids were going to see him fail at WrestleMania 32.

The point of the segment was to make the whole angle more personal, and it worked. Shane also got a bit physical with the security guards Vince sent to the ring to escort him out of the building. All in all, it was a very solid opening.

I led with that one because it was the opening of the show. However, the real best moment of the night came towards the end of Kevin Owens and Adrian Neville’s non-title match. They were battling it out, and then SAMI ZAYN’S MUSIC HIT!

He immediately hit the ring and went after KO. With the help of Adrian Neville, Sami quickly sent his mortal enemy scurrying to the back. A lot of people are saying that Zayn and KO will wrestle at ‘Mania. Personally, I’ve heard that the IC title will get another multi-man ladder match. I wouldn’t hate that. Put Sami in the mix, and then at the end of the match, give him and KO the ring, and let them showcase some of their skills.

Let Sami win, though. That is very important. That’ll flip the script on the NXT story these two shared, where Kevin Owens came into the company, and then two months later, took Zayn’s NXT Championship from him. Sami winning the IC title in his third or fourth WWE match would be huge. Then him and KO can battle back and forth, reestablishing the IC gold as the WWE championship that belongs to the best wrestlers on the roster.

For my third and final moment, I’ve chosen the Y2J heel turn that occurred after Chris Jericho and AJ Styles lost their WWE Tag Team Championship match to The New Day. Most people knew that something like this was coming. I’ll take it.

AJ vs. Y2J at WrestleMania 32? Should be tight AF.


Mr. X