Ben Affleck Weighs In On Batman vs. Superman

ben affleck

Recently, we published this article, featuring Jesse Eisenberg going to Midtown Comics to ask fans who would win: Batman or Superman? Before that, in the article about the announcement that BvS would get an R-rated director’s cut, we included a video where Henry Cavill asks that same question to some children. Now, it’s Batman’s turn to join the debate.

This one takes place at Warner Brothers studios, and what looks like an exhibit for all of the Batmobiles featured on film. The tour guide asks everybody who they think would win. Most answer Superman, causing Affleck to pop out of his vehicle, and let them know what’s up.

It’s really funny, especially seeing the response people have when Batman himself reveals that he’s in the room. Affleck handles it all extremely well, and seems to have a lot of fun playing off the people.

Press play to check it out.

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Barry Ford