Certified Banger Sunday – HBK vs. Taker II Promo

certified banger sunday, hbk, taker

Earlier today, one of our writers was surfing the Squared Circle subreddit, and he came across this beautiful thread. It asks the question, Besides Daniel Bryan’s “Monster” video, what are some of the best music videos WWE has produced? Now, you may not know this, but here at Nerdopotamus, we absolutely love Daniel Bryan’s “Monster” video.

So, obviously our writer jumped right in, and started perusing. There’s so many bangers! Take a look for yourself. Banger after banger.

It wasn’t easy to choose only one for this installment of “Certified Banger Sunday,” but we did. As you can see, for our selection, we’re going back to Taker vs. HBK II at WrestleMania XXVI. This is the promo they ran during the lead up to the event. They ran a different one on the actual night.

We went for this one because, quite frankly, it’s much better. The other one isn’t bad, mind you, but this one is fantastic. Without further ado, here it is: