Kenny Omega vs. El Generico (Sami Zayn)

kenny omega, el generico

There aren’t many words needed for this article. Our main goal with this one is to share some fantastic wrestling. One of our writers was surfing Facebook and found this match on the page for Japanese Puroresu Ichiban – ジャパン・プロレス・イチバン.

Click on the name to head over there. If you love wrestling, then you should join the community. In the meantime, without further adieu, here is the match we’re here to see: Kenny Omega (a man so talented, he wrestled a blowup doll, and it was better than a lot of the matches WWE put out in 2015) vs. El Generico (who is now known as Sami Zayn on the big stages of NXT/WWE).

[Full Match] El Generico defend his KO-D Openweight Champion against Kenny Omega in DDT “Nevermind” at Korakuen Hall 2012

Posted by Japanese Puroresu Ichiban – ジャパン・プロレス・イチバン on Friday, February 26, 2016