Batman or Superman? Lex Luthor Weighs In

lex luthor

A couple days ago, my colleague Walter Winchester published an article about Batman v. Superman getting an R-rated director’s cut. Inside said article, he included a video of Henry Cavill asking children who they liked more: The Last Son of Krypton or The Bat of Gotham. Unsurprisingly, the kids went with Batman, even though they were speaking to Superman.

This time, Jesse Eisenberg weighs in. He went to Midtown Comics in New York with a camera and microphone, and interviewed a bunch of fans about who would win. Their reactions are pretty great, and Eisenberg does a good job of playing off them.

Remember, these videos aren’t just a gift to the fandom. They’re being done in an effort to help some very charitable causes. There’s also a chance that you could win a trip to the premiere of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

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Barry Ford